Kai Frog is a Manchester based multidisciplinary artist, drag creature, poet and queer activist.

Frogb0i is a genderless cryptid with many faces, born into a post-apocalyptic world and filtered through a lockdown sieve. They have been called a β€œDrag Amphibian” as they constantly morph into multiple faces and a β€œGender Clown” as their aesthetic combines elements of being a goblin, vapourwave, glitch pop & clownery with a sprinkle of club kid.

Frogb0i is passionate about creating art whether on their face, through words or on a canvas to shine a light onto the (literal) black hole that surrounds the reality of existing as a queer trans non-binary person of colour in a world that is too happy to sanitize and minimize.

Under the paint, Kai is the founder of POC Queer Magic; A virtual support group est. 2018 for queer people of colour and Weird Drag est. 2021 A Visual Archive of Odd, Alt, β€œOther” + Weird drag! They are also a multi-published poet, and you can find some of their work/s here