Kai Frog AKA Frogb0i (he/they) is a Blk trans non-binary multidisciplinary artist, poet, queer activist & Drag creature.

Kai is passionate about creating art whether on their face, through words or on a canvas to shine a light onto the (literal) black hole that surrounds the reality of existing as a queer transgender person of colour in a world that is too happy to sanitize.

Kai is the founder of POC Queer Magic; A virtual support group est. 2018 for queer people of colour

Kai has been writing poems and creating art since he was a froglet about growing up black, queer and trans and the recurring feeling of isolation inside the white, cishet, neurotypical world around them.

Kai has been creating digital drag under the alias Frogb0i for almost a year. Frogb0i’s aesthetic combines elements of goblin, vaporwave, grunge, glitch-pop & clownery with a sprinkle of club kid.

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